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VFace Corrector

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VFace Corrector is home face correction device for V-line face line. It is recommended for people with face shapes such as square, protruding cheekbones, masseter and buccinators, large cheekbone and jaw fat, or asymmetry.
  • Gives pressure on jawbone, cheekbones, skin layers, masseter, and buccinators to induce reform in the bones, muscles, and skin formations in order to correct face line, volume and size of the face.
  • Continuously gives pressure on the jawbone and cheekbones through the frame which was researched and developed with minimum hindrance on blood circulation.
  • Has symmetrical structure of left and right. It provides equal pressure on the face through pressurizing plate made with 3D shape and realizes V-line face line.
  • You may adjust the strength of pressure through jaw band. Make a V-line face line with continuous use of 60-80 minutes per day.

1) Turns jaw bone and cheekbones to become V-line face and oppresses growth About 2-3% of already grown bone is flexible with external pressure. In particular, the lower jaw bone is flexible up to 6%. Based on such flexibility of bones, continuous pressure on wide or protruding bones using VFace Corrector may change the face gradually become V-line or correct the face line.
2) Correcting asymmetry face VFace Corrector gives uniform strength and symmetry between left and right which the pressure affects forward direction. Thus, it corrects protruding or dent parts or unbalanced face to make it look symmetry.
3) Reducing the volume of cheek flesh, cheekbone flesh, masseter. VFace Correcto induces reform of cell tissue through continuous pressure on the face and reduces volume of cheek and cheekbone flesh to make the face look smaller.

Package Includes:

1x VFace Headband

1x VFace Chinband

1x VFace Jawband

2x Pressure Plates


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