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Free Shipping For Orders Over $40

Ultra Ab Roller

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The Dual Ab Roller

Want abs but just can't seem to get them? No matter how many crunches you do or how many ab exercisers you buy, you just can't get that 6 pack you've always dreamed of? The Ultra Ab Roller is the perfect solution. It makes working out your abs easier and more effective.
Targets all parts of your abs and your core. Never lets your abs rest using positive and negative resistance. Dual rollers for an extreme yet effortless workout. Anti-slip kneeling board to protect fragile knees. Adjustable resistance to increase/decrease based off current fitness levels.


  • Detachable abdominal exercise using residence band for body fitness strength training
  • Double wheels Ab roller, with adjustable residence pull, It comes with extra thick knee pads & comfort foam grips 
  • Abdominal wheel workout equipment can be used for a variety of upper and lower body workouts,
  • Ab roller wheel can load up to 400lb
  • The Best Fitness Equipment for 6 Pack Abs & Core Workout.  Ideal for men and women.
  • Get that tight core and abs you always wanted