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Free Shipping For Orders Over $40

Super Multifunctional Hammer

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All You Need Is This One And Only Hammer!

There is too much to explain about the functionalities of this Super Multifunctional Hammer. It is pretty much all you need for wide range of applications.

1. Safety Nail Holder - Easier & Safer For Hammering In Nails (Just In Case Accident Happens)

2. Light Weighted Hammer - Well, as you know it can be used as hammer not just using as nail holder

3. Screwdriver - Comes with screwdriver attachment for driving screws

4. Nail Remover - Easily remove unwanted nails using its claw.

5. Wrench - Provides excellent grip for tightening and loosening fasteners

6. Crimper - Crimping functions on electrified sheet metal

7. Wire cutters - Cut & shorten the wires

One Hammer For All Purpose

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