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Free Shipping For Orders Over $40

Japanese Egg Timer

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Effortlessly Create A 5-Stars Egg To Perfection

Calculates cooking stages precisely by temperature, not loosely by time.

HOW MANY MINUTES to boil an egg to make it soft? Or medium? DO NOT THINK ABOUT it, just put this Japanese Egg Timer directly in to the pot with water next to the egg and look how it CHANGES COLOR.

NO OTHER EGG COOKER THAT CHANGES COLOR WHEN DONE on to the market is so precise, it picks the water temperature and behaves like an egg, as the egg is cooked, the timer change the color, SO SIMPLE.

PERFECT EGG COOKERJapanese Egg Timer that changes color when done will make sure every egg has THE RIGHT CONSISTENCY and taste.

Runny, creamy or firm yolk? Make PERFECT EGGS EVERYTIME! Everyone has a different image of what a perfect egg would look like. The Japanese Egg Timer allows you to cook them to YOUR PERFECTION.

You can never make variety of boiled eggs with just normal stopwatch due to uncontrolled temperature.

Take advantage today only of a 50% discount right now, our team wishes you the best at the best price. 

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