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Free Shipping For Orders Over $40

Harry Potter Fireball Magic Wand

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Every time you watch Harry Potter, do you also want to have a magic wand that can exert magic to your heart's content, but you are worried that there is no real Ollivander magic wand store in reality.

Today, you don't have to be disappointed any more, because it is coming. As long as you read the fire-breathing mantra INCENDIO, it can immediately summon the fireball and let the fireball fly again in the air, drawing a gorgeous flame.

Imagine what the audience will say after you perform this effect:

"Do you really know magic?"

"This is magic! Are you Harry Potter?"

You will become a real wizard, instantly attracting the attention of everyone around you. during Halloween. 

Note: This is a magic wand that can really shoots fireball. Please read all the safety information carefully and use it carefully.